The ‘Epileptic Prophet’ Debunked – Table of Contents

Below is the Table of Contents with all the debunking articles relating to the false claims of Prophet Muhammad SAW being epileptic. The Table of Contents will be updated reguarly as and when new articles are published. Methodological Breakdown Coming Soon The Supposed Symptoms Did The Prophet SAW Try To Commit Suicide? Related Topics Is […]

Harris Sultan’s Creepy and Perverted Thoughts

Harris Sultan is another talentless Murtad whose career is simply to obsessively talk and produce low quality material about his former faith in order to cash in the notes to keep the bank balance healthy. He also makes some creepy, sexually perverted tweets which might indicate what kind of disturbed thoughts float around his head. […]

The Desperate Drivel of a Charlatan

Last week we released our report deconstructing Gondal’s argument that the Prophet SAW was epileptic. The report has been our most viewed article so far and has reached a wide global audience. Gondal has also seen it and we came across several exchanges involving him on YouTube, where he posted his thoughts. So, we would […]

The Sameer and Gondal Comedy Show

In this piece we document the stupid and comical antics of the Murtad duo Abdullah Sameer and Gondal. A demonstratation of their sheer incompetence, ignorance and downright dishonesty. We will keep this list continously updated as and when we come across those nuggets of stupidity. #1 Here Sameer thinks Plato’s cave allegory supports his worldview. […]

The Stupid Things Ex-Muslims Say

In this piece we document the stupid things you find Ex-Muslims saying that either make you LOL or have you double face palming at the sheer boneheadedness of the comments. We will keep this list continously updated as and when we come across those golden nuggets of stupidity. 1# Washing his backside after taking a […]